6v6 Is Enough for Titanfall, I Promise

All of those NeoGAF warriors making voodoo dolls of Respawn Entertainment personnel in retaliation to the 12 person player count announcement for the upcoming FPS Titanfall need to sit down and grab a bottle of cold milk and cool their shit down. Seriously speaking, 99.9% percent of these forum ranters have yet to even play the game, so they’ve got absolutely no justification for their number-based whining.


I actually have played the game, and considering how great the experience was I can’t stand to see this game get torn up by internet trolls.

Now, I only got to experience one map (Angel City), but it was pretty hefty in size and scope. Even with the size of the map and the twelve players scattered throughout, I can’t remember a single ten second stretch in which I felt safe from enemy bullets. And when Respawn says the AI play their own role, they mean it. The AI would just sort of turtle-formation move forward and progress through bits of the map, opening up new avenues for player-controlled teammates to safely navigate through. The AI just help as a sort of minor strategy modifier, and XP booster.

The sheer speed of Titanfall is another factor that makes 12 players perfectly appropriate. There were moments when I’d encounter three opposing players darting between walls heading towards me while my teammates would hop down from rooftops to flank them while Titans would be closing off the exits taking potshots at anything that moved, and I don’t think the hectic nature of that experience could sustain itself with any more human players incorporated into the fray.

Well, that’s my 2 cents on the overblown player count debacle. Respawn is making something great, that’s non-debatable. What is debatable is the logic these forum rioters are using, arguing that numbers define the next-gen, not the gameplay experience. Sigh.

Also, some interesting news on the 360 port. Apparently Bluepoint Studios is handling it, and they have a solid track record for ports. This is a rumor, of course.

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