Review of Titanfall for PC

The era of Xbox is over, as far as reviews go around here. Now, I rejoin my PC master race brethren to bring you the review of the most anticipated Xbox game of the year!titanfall

TItanfall is, in short, one of the top five multiplayer experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. It’s up there with the likes of SWBFII and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, which is no easy feat. But just how does it make itself so fun, ingenious and unique? Read on to find out.

Titanfall looks deceptively simple at first: Call of Duty meshed with Halo jet-packs and big robot titans. But the more you play, the better the game gets, and the deeper the mechanics go. At first, you’ll use your rocket jumps to climb on to a rooftop, and your titan to stomp around obvious pathways to pick off grunts. By the end of your first three hour play session, you’ll be using those same rocket jumps to boost across four walls in quick succession dropping frag grenades on the unsuspecting players below, and you’ll have adapted to use your titan as a means of one-shotting enemy players off of rooftops, strafing enemy titans, and a whole slew of other uses. And therein lies the genius: it can play like a regular Call of Duty game if you want it to, but otherwise acts as a first person shooter hybrid of Vanquish and Pacific Rim, the way it is meant to be experienced. Mix that with the wide array of perks, customizable loadouts and weapons to choose from, and the core gameplay should keep you satiated for weeks; not to mention that Respawn included a healthy fifteen maps in the game to make sure you’re occupied, as the game has no single player component.

-Fantastic FPS gameplay
-Fantastic combination of Halo, Vanquish and Pacific Rim
-6v6 multiplayer works surprisingly well
-15 maps keeps the fun going far longer than most other multiplayer forays

-Lackluster, shoehorned-in “campaign mode” element adds little to package
-More customization would’ve been nice
-Balanced teams are rarely chosen by the game

In conclusion, if you have an Xbox One, you can’t afford to miss Titanfall (seriously, you spend $500 on a box that only has this game going for it right now). If you have a good enough PC, you owe it to yourself to cash in on Microsoft’s great Xbox One not-so-exclusive exclusive. It will completely destroy any previous impressions you had about what makes an FPS game good.

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