Review of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a movie built to not only justify the reboot of the franchise, but to solidify its place as one of the best superhero movies of all time (up there with The Dark Knight, CA: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 1). It defies all expectations, and anyone who says anything about this movie being shameful to the source material or not up to the hype clearly didn’t see the same movie that I did.The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2_(film)_banner

-Everything good about TASM (Garfield and Stone chemistry)
-Characters all have substantial emotional weight, including villains which the movie encourages you to sympathize with (to a degree)
-Action is rip-roaring fun, and is ACTUALLY GOOD in 3D and IMAX (one particular stand-out slow-mo IMAX shot justifies the entire inflated ticket price)
-Villains aren’t overcrowded, amazingly
-Experimental soundtrack (that works)
-The movie is borderline f*cking perfect, easily the best Spider-Man film to date (although the original Spider-Man 2 remains secure in second place)

-One single scene looks utterly video-game level in terms of visuals, and it’s not the scene that the losers who were commenting on the trailers were complaining about.
-(very minor) They make Gwen out to be way smarter than Peter in this movie, and I don’t see her inventing steel cable spiderwebs for her wrists

-Upsetting content? I don’t want to sound like a pussy but between emotional strain and actual violent action, Spidey is NOT kid-friendly this time around (at least, for the latter half of the film). Villains are psychologically disturbing (I mean, we’re talking beyond the MPAA “menace” warning for The Dark Knight, and that’s saying something).

Utter Annoyances:
(Minor Spoiler) -The movie pulls a Captain America: The WInter Soldier and RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT as you think the movie is about to wrap up nice and tidy, they f*ck you over with a cliffhanger the size of the Grand Canyon and pretty much say “See The Amazing Spider-Man 3 or kill yourself”.

So, in conclusion, beyond one gripe about THE CONTINUED MILKING OF FRANCHISES that has become rampant in the superhero movie genre, this Spidey film is easily the best (if most emotionally taxing) available, infusing all the wit and humor of the comics with an unparalleled sense of cinematic awe. Not to mention, the 3D and IMAX are actually worth it for once. Go out and see it if you want the definitive Spider-Man silver-screen experience.

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