Review of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” for PC


Beenox, ya’ done screwed it up. Riding the high wave of the previous Amazing Spider-Man video game, I was expecting something phenomenal. Something legendary. You could even say something… amazing? But what I got was a good reminder that Beenox isn’t here to make games, they’re here to lure you into a trap and bend you over like Chris Hansen in that one Boondocks episode. Tangent aside, Activision and Beenox really screwed people over with this one.

Featuring a unique story that is interwoven with loose interpretations of the film’s plot, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to have all of the ingredients. It’s got a perfect template from the previous game, enhanced web slinging, a cool new “hero or menace” system, and a decent plot, so what could go wrong? Well, as it turns out…

-Web slinging feels fresh, the physics and momentum enhance the feeling of Spider-Man
-Story isn’t complete trash
-Dialogue is pretty solid, surprisingly (witty content)
-The suits that are present are PIMPIN’!

-After the third story mission the open world is completely ruined
-Hero or Menace system is broken as all hell, leaving players to suffer the wrath of an insurmountable quantity of crimes that can’t be stopped in time and will turn your hero meter into a FULL menace meter inside of five minutes
-Story infuses movie villains for no reason other than relevance
-Not a whole lot of suits (unless you pre-order… grrrrrr….)
-Stealth areas are way too cramped compared to the original game
-Graphics are so outdated that it’s barely funny
-Side missions are repetitive and practically carried over from the last Amazing Spider-Man game, but missing all of the coolest one-off missions that the previous game had
-Repetitive cutscenes before and after every godamned side mission
-Total rush job

If you are an absolute Spidey die-hard like myself, get this on the cheap (<$30). Otherwise, just love the movie and accept that we’ll never get another tie-in game as good as the first Amazing Spider-Man.

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