Battlefield Hardline (PC) Closed Beta Impressions

If there’s ever been a full-retail game that feels like a glorified expansion pack, it’s this one.battlefield_hardline.0_cinema_640.0

Hardline is a fun time, but the beta lets you experience pretty much every fresh inclusion of the game minus the inevitable new maps. The new gadgets such as the taser are relatively useless as finding an opportune moment to use them is extremely rare, and tools such as the grappling hook require extremely close range to use. In short, you’ll be playing this like Battlefield 4.

Speaking of Battlefield 4, this is pretty much a cops and robbers-stylized version of that game. The levolution is still present, the weapons and classes are near identical and the game play is almost copy-and-pasted; not a horrible thing as Battlefield 4 (on the PC, at least) is currently a great, relatively bug-free experience, but Hardline clearly won’t have enough to justify a sixty dollar price tag. It’s Payday meets Battlefield which, like I’ve already stressed, would make for a great twenty dollar expansion. However, anyone with any sort of prudence wouldn’t put a single dollar down towards this game at its retail price.

With all that negativity said and done, I had a ball riding around with sirens blaring, picking off criminals and hauling back fat bags of cash to our SWAT van (and vise versa from the crooks’ perspective). That’s Blood Money mode, where you battle for control of cash in a capture the flag-like manner. It’s fun. Heist is more simplistic, boiling down to team death match with some odd protect-the-VIP elements thrown in. Less fun and less people know what they’re doing.

All in all, Hardline is looking to be the Gears of War: Judgement of the Battlefield franchise. Not a horrible game, but not a worthy title in its own respect. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned ’til October to find out.

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