Evolve Big Alpha Thoughts

Having been a part of the original alpha back in August, I went into this one with expectations. While some issues have been fixed, others remain glaringly obvious.evolve_-_goliathvmarkov_fire
Almost all of the issues revolve around the monster and the character playing as it, so let’s talk about what’s wrong. Firstly, when you attack a hunter, there is no way for you to see which class you are attacking. It would make fights SO MUCH BETTER if you could see the little class symbol above their names, so you know who to tactically pick off.

Second issue with the monster: his leveling scale is still shit like it was back in August. It’s marginally better, being slightly easier to survive at level one, but it’s still not good. Back in August, this is how every match went: most teams would insta-kill the monster at level one. If he made it to two, he would still be insta-killed. If he made it to three, the hunters might as well give up on the spot as the power shift was completely unbalanced. Now, survival is slightly more feasible at level one, a bit underwhelming at level two, and pretty fair at level three. In short, levels one and two need a bit more fine tuning, which could be accomplished by a simple tweak: require less feeding bars for monster evolution. That simple. Maybe just two or three animals’ less would do.

In terms of things that are good, I am absolutely loving the new hunter characters. As support was my favorite class back in August, I instantly went to work on unlocking the new character for this alpha. Bucket, the new support robot character, is awesome. He is the perfect step forward from the original support character, Hank, providing a different skill set that achieves the same amount of overall effectiveness through very different avenues of play. Bucket has these awesome little turrets he can deploy, a UAV head, and a sick laser-targeted missile launcher. I’ve also played alongside the new trapper character, and he seems pretty good too.2K_EVOLVE_E3_Character_Bucket2
The new monster, Kraken, seemed overpowered at first but as I encountered players who knew his patterns, he ended up suffering from the weaknesses addressed above. While Kraken seems to fair marginally better than Goliath against the hunters in almost every match, the monster player still suffers from too many weaknesses to make playing that entire half of the experience viable fun.

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