Review of “Nightcrawler”

Before we get started here, if you haven’t already, watch Nightcrawler‘s trailer:

Now that you’ve done that, ask yourself the following questions:

Did you like what you saw?
Do you want to see Jake Gyllenhaal be a psychopath for two hours and secure himself an Oscar nomination?

If either of these items struck your interest, then I’d say the movie is worth a watch. For anyone who said no to the above two questions, wait until a DVD release or just ignore Nightcrawler all together.

I will give Nightcrawler massive props for being one of the first movies in recent memory to actually have trailers that accurately depict the film itself, rather than luring you in with false hope for a completely different product. That is the main reason the trailer is included above, because if you found anything in it to be within your range of cinematic tastes, then you will most likely have a great time with the full thing. Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance is killer, as was already mentioned. The car chase sequence from the trailer is even better in the full movie (it’s incredibly well shot, probably the best car chase I’ve ever seen), and actually feasible to boot. And that’s really the best aspect of the film: the feasibility of it all. It’s a movie with no role models, and all of the sick aspects of human nature within are so real that it’s unsettling. While the LAPD’s involvement (specifically the lack thereof) requires some suspension of disbelief, the movie as a whole is generally well written and does a good job accurately portraying the job of nightcrawling.

My last compliment for the movie will be for its score, which is really captivating. It’s upbeat in some deceptively fitting places, mainly to illustrate the detached and mentally ill nature of Lou Bloom, Gyllenhaal’s character, and in that respect it complements the character very well and subsequently earns its stars.

If I still gave number ratings, it would be hovering around a conservative 7.5 to a slightly more liberal 8, leaning more towards the latter only because I saw it later at night and was in the proper mood for it. So, to reiterate, if you liked the trailer then I can wholeheartedly recommend that you go out and see Nightcrawler in theatres while you still can.

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