Review of “Birdman”

You can look at the cracks in cement or you can look at the cracks in Michael Keaton’s crows feet. It makes no difference, because at the end of the two hours you spent doing either activity, you’ll be left feeling unhappy and wondering what compelled you to do it in the first place.765185605565054609

3 thoughts on “Review of “Birdman””

  1. Not just a funny and hilarious movie, but also a neat piece of drama that gets inside these character’s minds, and allows us to see them for who they exactly are: People defined by their acting talents. Or, in some cases, lack thereof. Good review.

    1. To be honest, I chuckled about a total of two, maybe three times throughout the whole movie. But I will agree that there are some interesting concepts about actors in the movie.

      Here’s my train of thought: it could’ve been a very solid ten-minute R-Rated short-film. It could start with him struggling as an actor (pretty much a mach speed version of the first forty-five minutes), then skip to the entire monologue where he rails the movie critic, then fast-forward to the bit where he shoots himself. And then end there, foregoing that weird nose-job nonsense. And in that case, I would’ve loved it. But stretching it out to two hours of nothing but abstract depression really makes me sympathize with Birdman’s voice inside of Michael Keaton’s head, specifically when he said (and I paraphrase) “people don’t want this melodramatic depressing bullshit, they want mindless entertainment to ESCAPE from this stuff”.

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