Fuck Sony, Hackers and (Potentially) North Korea

UPDATE: SONY DID IT! They released the movie, good on them. Click here for my review.

Bunch of pansy bitches, I can’t even believe what’s happened. Sony bends over to hacker demands on the OFF CHANCE that something terrorist-y might actually happen during The Interview premieres? They’d rather guarantee the loss of a $180,000,000 budget rather than risk a few million dollars worth of lawsuits for showing it and something actually happening? Unbe-fucking-lievable!

And to the hackers who did this, I hope every one of you contracts the most vile disease on the fucking planet and get your entire families infected. Absolute, utter scum.

As for North Korea, if they did have a hand in this, which is strongly assumed, I really hope someone deals with them. There are some shitty little communist countries out there, but they take the cake with this nonsense. We released two movies WHERE OUR OWN WHITE HOUSE GETS ATTACKED within the same year of each other (Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down) and no one gave two shits! But two comedians make a movie about the Godly North Korea and everyone loses their minds? Get over yourselves!

My stance on this is deflated. This is the beginning of an age where a single threat from a bunch of fucked-in-the-head cyber terrorists can end a movie’s life cycle before it even hits screens. We give shit to Hollywood all the time for not taking enough risks, but the one time they actually do THIS HAPPENS? Unreal, man. With all my heart, I hope Sony decides to ball up and release the movie officially in some format.

To be real, I didn’t even want to comment on this whole debacle in the first place because of how sickened I am by it all and the whole perpetuation of it. But here I am, ranting. Because if Amy Pascal even happens to read this, maybe my voice (and the hundreds of thousands of voices I speak alongside in this matter) can realize that by not showing The Interview, you’re doing something a whole lot worse than just shooting yourself in the foot.

3 thoughts on “Fuck Sony, Hackers and (Potentially) North Korea”

  1. Here here. My thoughts exactly. They should take one for the team and really puss off NK by releasing it for free. After all this publicity I’m sure everyone will watch it. I know I will if for nothing else than than to piss on NK threats. And seriously, it is NK. Who the Fuck else is it gonna be? Who else gives a shit if this movie is released. Besides if they bend over for this type of ploy and the “hackers” see that it works, it will be used again.

  2. Right on. This is the United States of America. We do not back down to anybody, much less an insignificant country like North Korea. Does Sony really believe the North Koreans are going to keep all the hacked data from going public? Good luck with that Sony. As Paul Harvey used to say “Stand by for news”.

  3. Well said. Sony is unamerican. We do not cower to tyrants. Im Fuckin pissed. I will never see a sony movie or buy a sony product again. I can’t support cowards.

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