Most Anticipated Video Game Movie Adaptation

Here’s the thing: I liked the Prince of Persia movie, so if you want to judge me for my taste in adaptations now’s the time to leave. Otherwise, check this trailer out:

Not enough people have seen this trailer, I swear. It’s the best god-damned thing I’ve seen in a long time. Sure, it’s not IDENTICAL to the mood and overall tone of the Hitman series, but let’s see what it does right: makes Agent 47 a cold, collected bad-ass killer. It shows him doing stealthy stuff like sniping and dawning disguises from K.O’ed guards, a la the video games. And most importantly, it just looks like fun. Lots and lots of beautiful, glorious fun. That opening scene with the sniper rifle going off and breaking the handcuffs, krikies! I haven’t even seen the movie and yet I can already tell it’s going to have the best action scenes of 2015. Ironic, since it’s “supposed” to be about stealth, but still. So much fun.

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