News: Steam is NOT Making Money from Monetized Mods

Steam-Workshop-Now-Supports-Paid-Mods-Skyrim-Gets-Premium-Items-Free-Weekend-479223-2There is some massive misinformation circulating about this monetized mods program Steam has just unleashed. People have the misconception that Valve is leeching money directly from modders, sapping 75% of the income garnered for downloads of their creations. This is incorrect.

What’s ACTUALLY happening is that Valve leaves the percentage taken up to the publisher of the game being modded. They give the publisher complete control over this. So Bethesda is the one you should be shouting at, as they’re the ones reaping the 75% figure for all monetized Skyrim mods. Hypothetically, they could’ve set it at 0% and Valve would’ve been fine with that; then modders would be receiving all the profit. But no, that is not the case. This is Bethesda’s work, not Valve’s. The more you know!

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