My Steam Library’s Shame

The games I detest, like Warframe, have over one hundred hours of my playtime logged. Meanwhile, games I respect and admire such as Europa Universalis 4 have… eleven. Games with literally infinite modding possibilities such as Skyrim have barely a dozen hours each. And exciting, interesting and quirky titles such as White Night lie dormant, collecting digital dust from my disuse. Steam-Workshop-Now-Supports-Paid-Mods-Skyrim-Gets-Premium-Items-Free-Weekend-479223-2

‘Tis a sad day.

On a similar note, I’ve noticed a sort of internal pang of guilt I feel when I’ve only got a couple of hours logged into a triple A game. I guess this stems from the fact that I typically pay thirty dollars at launch for each of them (fifty-percent off from day one, all hail PC gaming), but a dollar-for-an-hour playtime ratio still feels a bit rich for my blood, even if it really isn’t. I dunno.

If you have any thoughts of your own about your Steam library, feel free to comment below and share your story.

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