Review of “Spy”

It’s actually a decent action spy thriller. It’s a horrible comedy, though.spy-poster

I chuckled three times throughout the entire film. Two of those times were during some harsh anti-Swedish jokes, and once during a Jason Statham monologue. That’s it, though. So unless you like some poorly executed low-brow toilet humor, don’t expect to enjoy this film for the comedy.

On the other hand, more positively, it’s actually a decent spy flick, and insanely believable when compared to Mission Impossible, James Bond and other spy franchises. No joke, it’s a plausible story. Not to mention that Melissa McCarthy actually carries this movie (or is it the other way around? Get it?), and while I usually don’t like her, this time she was pretty great. In fact, everyone was great. Jason Statham was fucking brilliant, mainly because he plays the more enjoyable version of all his other movie roles. Jude Law is, well, himself, with an AMAZING American accent. And Rose Byrne, having to suffer through extremely obnoxious dialogue, is still absurdly attractive which partially makes up for the, and I really mean it, atrocious writing she has to work with.

Two final things. Firstly, WOW this movie was a hard-R rating. Some of the gore in Spy is grotesque as shit. Like, I was actively cringing. So, you’ve been warned. Secondly, on an unrelated and unexpected note, the CGI was amazing. I mean it. The plane scene in this looks better than the one in Iron Man 3 and the one in Non-Stop, and literally looks like an immensely more polished version of the intro to the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Not even kidding.

So, yeah. It’s a shame the trailer gave away the movie’s most clever lines of dialogue, as it’s the sole reason I decided to see this on a whim, only to be disappointed by the whole thing. So, marketed as a comedy, bad. 2.5/10. When marketed as a straight-up spy action thriller, 6.5/10.

2 thoughts on “Review of “Spy””

  1. We liked the plot but if they took out the “f” word it would be 1/2 as long. I don’t know why everyone thinks that makes a good movie. Clean up the language and it would have been twice as enjoyable.

    1. Eh, I really couldn’t be bothered to care about the language. I’m fine with crass talk as long as it’s implemented well, and it wasn’t like the occasional tasteless curse was too distracting compared to the movie’s other, more glaring issues.

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