Gamerrob Readers, Heed My Call

A lot of you read this blog, that I know for a fact. But out of my subscriber base, I am not sure how many genuinely look forward to receiving a new post here or there. So, seriously speaking, if I were to give away free copies of my first book (it’s a novella, but a tight as hell one) on here, how many of you would actually bite? When it comes out in August (6/29/15 Update: its anticipated release period is now late fall-early winter, as I’ve got some interesting plans in mind for it between now and then), would anyone here want to read it via a free digital copy? iStock_000016885438XSmall

I’m just curious and testing the waters here. If you are interested, leave a comment. Or a like. These are how I will gauge interest towards the project. I’m not doing this out of vanity, that’s not the point. I just want to see if, beyond the occasional random internet wanderer, I actually have a following that would like to see my edited, professional work, in addition to the rants and raves of the blog-sphere.

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