The Allegory of Stanley — Now LIVE!!

Here it is, folks! My first novella (click those blue words to check it out).


Mind you, it was an experiment in trying my hand at sitting down and churning out a full story, nothing more. So love it for what it is! Or hate it. But remember, it’s easier to hate than it is to create.

Trendy Starbucks hipster quotes aside, If you choose to pick it up, definitely read the author’s note and bio at the end. There’s more to come, and next time it’ll be bigger (full-scale novel coming up), better (my writing has grown exponentially in the past seven months since this was written) and potentially picked up by an official publisher! Stay tuned, people!

On a slightly unrelated note, if you couldn’t care less about the book itself but are wondering who made that sexy cover art, hit me up at my fledgling business blog where we can talk rates and whatnot, if you’re so inclined.

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