Review of “Duet” for Android

It’s awesome. Basically, it’s a muscle-memory driven circle spinning game. But it’s got this really nice philosophical overtone running through it, as each chapter is named after one of the seven stages of grief, and you find yourself experiencing all seven of them within nanoseconds of each death (of which you’ll have thousands). It’s subtle mind-trickery, and it’s really cool. Not to mention every level kicks off with a little quote. My personal two favorites are back to back, and perfectly encapsulate why I love this game so much.maxresdefault.jpg

When you get to the depression chapter (6 of 8), the final act starts off with the quote “I don’t want you to keep going…” and you believe it, as it’s the hardest act so far. Yet when you finally conquer it, the first act of hope unlocks and it kicks off with “… I want you to want to keep going.” And it just renews your sense of, fittingly enough, hope that you’ll be able to conquer the game. Duet just really manages to get in your head and it’s so good that I just couldn’t not kick off my Android review section with it, even though I’ve been playing plenty of time-killer mobile games lately.

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