“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” –It’s only feminist if you’re an idiot.

To give you an example of one of the many scenes that spelled this movie’s doom: at one point, Chloe and crew throw real used tampons at a mom, dad and baby. Apparently we’re supposed to be supporting this because feminism. THEN, Chloe draws a false parallel and says Zac is being sexist because if he’d thrown a bag of dicks that’d be okay. I don’t know what fucking planet you live on, but getting hit with a clean synthetic rubber tube is NOT the same as getting hit with a bloody rag of uterine lining that could transmit fucking AIDS.images

Anyway, time for a half-review half-rant on Neighbors 2. The review: it’s eh, at best. Onto the rant.

So many politically correct assholes on Rotten Tomatoes are calling this movie a progressive feminist story, solely because it shows college sorority chicks can be just as stupid as frat bros. WOW, so you’re telling me no matter what gender you are you can still be a total loser in college?!?!?!

Give me a break. Yes, if you’re a college girl and this “empowers” you to be a dumb-ass through your time in (supposed) higher education, be my guest, be a moron. But at the end of the day, whether you’re in a frat or sorority, male or female, remember: you always have the option to not be a dip-shit and actually make something of yourself.

Basically, the third wave feminist agenda has spun out of control to such a point where it’s empowering to be a joint-rolling prospectless teenage girl who makes stupid decisions and openly commits crimes against a nice couple simply because “fight the establishment.” It’s everything you can hate about Bernie, millennials and third wave feminism rolled into one.

On the bright side, Zac Efron is very funny and leads the show. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are basically cameos in their own movie because of this. There’re some funny throw down scenes. Dave Franco’s gay now, because the director openly admitted he wanted to shoehorn in a gay character to check off the last box on the list. Let’s count: black guy who makes fun of cop shootings? Check. Edgy feminist chick who’s a complete loser? Check. Token fat chick and black girl backup singers for aforementioned edgy feminist? Check. Gay guy? Cheeeeeeeeeck.

I just wish Chloe Moretz had had the guts to call out this idiotic script for encouraging blatant delinquency, rather than pretend it’s “progressive.” But no, no, her and the rest of this shitfest will continue to call it feminist because apparently… wait… it makes sense! They’re arguing for the right to be obnoxiously progressive by being fucking morons! That’s literally the moral of the story! Now it makes sense.

In short: if you like the usual slew of politically correct buzz phrases and insanely flawed gender argument logic shoved down your throat in the name of entertainment, check out this movie. Sane people, stay away.

8 thoughts on ““Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” –It’s only feminist if you’re an idiot.”

  1. Whilst I disagree with you when you say feminism isn’t need (I am a feminist, and proud), I absolutely, 100% agree with everything else you just said. I haven’t seen the movie, and don’t intend to (never really did, but with your review, I wouldn’t bother wasting my time). I hate when Hollywood slaps this on as “feminism” and “progressive”. Feminism shouldn’t be about this. You’re right. Whether you’re a frat guy or girl, that shouldn’t matter. It’s about bettering yourself. I feel like you’ve so eloquently summed this up. This is the problem so many people don’t get. Feminism needs to be more than “Free The Nipple” movements. I get why that’s important (even if I don’t give a shit about it), but really? Could we not focus on far more pressing problems? Brilliant post. Loved it!

    1. Thank you for the comment, and I appreciate your desire for thoughtful discussion.

      Let me clarify: Of course we’re both pro-equal rights, and, legally, they’re all there right now (for any uninformed individuals reading this, things like the “wage gap” myth have been debunked by every major economist for years now, per example: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/harvard-prof.-takes-down-gender-wage-gap-myth/article/2580405 among other supposed issues).

      It’s just the current slew of things I see making up third-wave feminism’s agenda that make so many people like myself dislike it, because this movie aptly sums up what we perceive the vocal majority of current feminists to be fighting for. Whatever handful of major issues might be left, well, people like myself can’t even imagine them (honest question, what is left?) because they’ve been obfuscated by nonsense like “sorority drug/criminal activity support and the female’s inherent right to be stupid.”

      If nothing else, I’m glad to see we’re in agreement that this movie’s subtle-as-a-brick-smash message is not worth anyone’s time and definitely not a worthy usage of the term “progressive.”

      1. I definitely am equal rights, and I don’t mind if you label yourself as a humanist or an egalitarian (just so we’re clear). I know that some feminists aren’t the same, but I just wanted to make sure that it’s clear that I’m not trying to “convert” you before entering in the below discussion (it’s not my intent, just my thoughts/opinion).

        I don’t think we have equal rights, personally. For so many reasons – like, for example, I think the law fails men in so many ways (for example, a teacher in Australia recently sexually assaulted and raped multiple male students. However, she received an incredibly lenient sentence, whereas I’m certain a man in the same situation would not have received the same sentence. I’m pretty certain a man would have received a much harsher sentence. And don’t even get me started on male domestic violence … it’s like society pretends it doesn’t even happen.)

        As for the wage gap, I don’t believe it’s a myth, and I believe economists have a problem with answering this question because it’s to do with a lot of social issues. For me, it’s not necessarily a “wage” problem, but a “salary” problem. For example, when I’ve applied for jobs, I’m often told that my salary will be between certain amounts (usually $20,000 or more difference) and my salary will be determined by a number of things. This means that I can be doing the same job as someone else, but be paid differently for a whole number of reasons. Also, men have a tendency to get promoted over women due to women often needing to take time off due to pregnancies (whether it’s a biased decision or not). I’m not necessarily saying that it’s fair or unfair (depending on the circumstances), but I do think it’s there – and there are plenty of sources to prove that it does exist (which I’m happy to provide if you’d like, but I’m sure you’ve seen them and done your research).

        But, I really do agree with your statement that “sorority drug/criminal activity support and the female’s inherent right to be stupid”. I have no idea how that’s meant to be progressive. I have no idea how that benefits women. I find that stupid and crazy. It’s kind of like calling men who rape ‘unable to control their urges’ and referring to them as if they’re animals. No, we should all be better than that. That movie doesn’t sound progressive, and I don’t see how it’s a “feminist” win.

        1. Interesting, I never even considered the male element. But yeah, the sexual assault situation is rather skewed at the moment.

          I’ll argue women taking longer to get promotions due to pregnancies is, well, totally rational since the time they take to (optionally) rear a child is time that could otherwise be spent working and climbing the career ladder and there shouldn’t be a free pass instituted. But like you said, this is only one circumstance, and surely there are many less black-and-white situations.

          Of course, above all else, I hope people read these and get some actual food for thought out of this movie (indirectly, through its review’s comments).

          1. I agree. I think you’ve written a great post, and raised some excellent points. I hope more people share your point of view.

  2. Why is anyone giving this the undue credit of high expectations? This is raunch comedy. That’s it. If anything, expecting this “film” to be anything else is, in my view, backward and potentially bigoted. Why can’t women act foolish? Why can’t they be clowns, without measured and developed points of view? Is it the same reason you always see black judges and white burglars? “We can’t portay women as studid, because they are” “We can’t portay blacks as criminals, because they are”

    It’s a Seth Rogan movie about 19 year old girls. Relax.

    1. It’s fine if a movie wants to portray women as stupid as fuck, no problem. What I find issue with is at no point does the movie EVER hint that they’re in the wrong for being idiotic college kids. It constantly preaches that this behavior is okay and that the grown couple, Rogen’s, are just a different variety of “okay.”

      These two groups are not equally okay in their different ways. The one that flings bloody tampons should not be celebrated.

      I’d say it’s all well and good in the name of a shitty movie if it weren’t for the fact the media championed and paraded this movie as some sort of righteous women’s rights flick when in actuality it’s encouraging society to grow *that* much more stupid in the name of third wave feminism. Take that bigoted nonsense out of here.

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