Review of “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

A little less charming than the first one. A little less cohesive, too. A little less everything, including fun.alice_through_the_looking_glass.jpg

-Sacha Baron Cohen’s Time is a great character
-A funny tea time scene
-A fairly intense finale, surprisingly
-A bold take on the concept of time travel and affecting the future

-Entirely worthless intro scene and reality subplot (especially the institution)
-Dialogue is hit or miss
-Mia Wasikowska gives a lackluster performance
-Plot is a bit too far-fetched and scattered, in retrospect
-CGI is way too cartoon-y
-Less thoughtful quirkiness overall
-It’s just not as Alice-y as the first one

Weird things:
-Anne Hathaway’s finger twiddling. Did the director ask her to do this or, just, why?

Basically, here’s the thing. If you took away the soundtrack, I wouldn’t have had fun watching the movie. But with the score it’s a fun music video with an okay story attached. If you loved the first one, you’ll find stuff to like here. It’s a fun waltz but hardly anything I’d consider memorable.

4 thoughts on “Review of “Alice Through the Looking Glass””

  1. That’s a shame given the first one, while not an amazing movie, certainly stood out from other movies at the time and gave us something different (and yet familiar) to watch.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts! I checked out your review, good stuff. Totally agree on virtually every front.

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