Review of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst (PC)

If you liked the original, you’ll like Catalyst. After all, they’re more or less the same game.rendition1.img.jpg

For the uninitiated, Mirror’s Edge is a game about parkour. That’s code for speedy running, jumping, wall-running and flipping. The game is about getting from point A to B as smoothly, stylishly and efficiently as possible on your own two feet. It’s fun.

Now for those of you who’ve ever played a video game and know exactly what Mirror’s Edge is supposed to be, here’s the skinny: either you loved the original or hated it. If the latter, Catalyst won’t sway you. If the former, as I said above, you’ll be a happy camper. I know I was.

All the details beyond that you can find in other reviews, like how the combat is pretty great but still lacks the seamless flow of the Arkham games (something that could be remedied by adding an auto-target glide feature), or how the open world is linear to the point of being a non-feature. But the one thing no one has specified for inquiring minds is what I’m about to show visual evidence of:MIC

The core story and all its side missions (you can see my unlocked achievements) clock in at 9 hours. And it’s honestly closer to 8 if you disregard the time I spent dicking around snagging irrelevant collectibles. Sure, there’s time trials and user generated content, but if you want actual scripted, meaningful missions then this game gives you 8 hours of them, no more or less. For $60 that’s a hell of a drop-off. Now, I paid $40 and given how much I loved those 8 hours (they were definitely quality over quantity), I’m totally content with my purchase. That may not apply to all of you, so if you want quantifiable bang for your buck, look elsewhere. Otherwise, it’s time to put on your running shoes.

On a totally irrelevant side note: the story’s chock full of forgettable characters, but there’s one that’s actually pretty great: Plastic. She’s a hoot. I hope she appears in the sequel, if there ever is one.

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