Review of “Nerve”

Rating: pretty good.
To keep the summary brief, for those of you unaware of what Nerve‘s all about, it’s a movie about kids who get cyber-dared to do stupid things that can range from stuff as benign as kissing strangers to dangerously lethal tasks like suicide-dangling from cranes. The flick follows one girl who starts out afraid to do risky shit, then gets involved in Nerve and you know the drill from here.

Basically, it’s exactly what the trailers sell it to be. As with the other handful of movies I give that compliment, that’s a really big deal in my eyes. It lives up to the exact degree of hype it tried to generate, and I didn’t leave feeling disappointed by the plot. And in a movie like this, plot is everything. Neither Dave Franco or Emma Roberts could’ve saved this by themselves if it was a movie that needed saving.

My ONLY real gripe with this film was the hacking shit at the end. I’m keeping it vague as going any deeper would enter spoiler territory, but seriously, if you’re the kind of person that can’t stand bullshit Hollywood hacking that defies the rules of computers and the internet in real life, avoid this movie as the finale might very well sour the entire thing for you. Luckily I have a high enough tolerance to stomach it. Still, for those of you familiar with how servers and open source programming work… prepare to be irked. Not to mention why the _______ just choose to _______ at the one time the _______ need it, when they could’ve ________’d the damn thing before the movie started. Shit, dude. Now I’m starting to realize how much of a mess the end was.

-Solid cinematography, exciting shots
-Solid soundtrack
-Solid cast all around
-Accurate dialogue/it’s pretty in-tune with how modern day teens think/talk (unfortunately)
-Interesting plot that actually has balls until the end
-Casey Neistat cameo

-The hacking bullshit (coughWatch_Dogscough)
-The convenient timing of the hacking bullshit
-The mom actress’s performance is lacking and unconvincing

The moral of the review is to go see it if you want what the trailer’s selling. Just don’t love it too much, because that ending will break your heart (because it’s poorly written).

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