TIFF Film Review: “All I See Is You”

It’s so. Damn. Good. Arguably scarier than The Autopsy of Jane Doe. In order of importance, these are the revelations this movie bestowed upon me: Blake Lively can act and there is no such thing as happily ever afters in long-term relationships. all-i-see-is-you-review-blake-lively.jpg

Here’s the skinny: a blind woman (Lively) is married to a super loving, attentive husband (Jason Clarke) in a very happy, mutually nurturing marriage. Then, against all odds, a surgery comes up that offers Lively her sight back. After it goes without a hitch, she’s now reminded of the temptations that come with sight–and so is her husband. Fearing the worst, his attentive nature begins to morph into fear-mongering insecurity while his spouse’s newfound sight leads her to forsake their marriage in the most damning way possible, justifying his fears in their entirety. And those aren’t even the major spoilers.

The kicker of the whole thing is, both characters do very, very wrong things. Things that are inexcusable; unforgivable. But they’re both equal in the badness, so much so that the only thing making me root for Clarke is that I see where he’s coming from, being a guy and all. It’s that little of a line tipping the scale between picking sides in this haunting movie about relationship degradation. It’s really, REALLY upsetting, and not in a Nicholas Sparks way. It’s too real–the characters, the choices, the plot. It hits too close to home way more consistently than it has any right to, to the point where I felt emotionally violated by the time the credits rolled. Although that’s probably because of the shitty ambiguous non-ending (the wrath of Una). Hell, if it weren’t for that ending, the beautiful surrealist imagery, sound design, exceptional acting and nightmare-inducing narrative could’ve scored this movie a legendary ten out of ten. For now, All I See Is You will have to settle for a well-deserved almost-perfect.


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