TIFF Film Review: “Dog Eat Dog”

It’s Grand Theft Auto V, okay? Willem Dafoe plays Trevor, Nicolas Cage plays Michael and Omar J. Dorsey plays Franklin. I’m not kidding when I say not only was this the worst flick I saw at TIFF but also a blatant rip-off of a video game with a much stronger narrative.dog-eat-dog

The first five minutes of Willam Defoe being a bat-shit crazy drug-addled murderer are fantastic. Then the next five minutes with Nicholas Cage’s somber, lost middle-age man intro are pretty good. Then things get stupid, fast.

Here’s the skinny: the movie has no character arcs, no growth, no rhyme or reason for its plot points. It’s literally a series of isolated scenes that were stitched together in Adobe Premiere. The overarching narrative is a scattered mess of a joke and not one character has a fulfilling arc, none of the main three moving beyond where their GTAV counterparts were by the end of act one in the game this movie so shamelessly rips off. Not to mention major, MAJOR plot beats are completely eschewed for no reason, leaving story threads dangling without a care in the world.

It’s a joke of a movie with a few good scenes.


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