Review of “Hacksaw Ridge”

Imagine how insane Mel Gibson’s career would’ve been if he didn’t get put on that ridiculous blacklist.img.jpg

Here’s the nitty-gritty: Hacksaw Ridge is fantastic. A bit old-school, but fantastic. Sometimes it’s painful to watch but most of the time it’s heart-pounding or heart-warming. Go see it if you want a pacifist-themed triumph of the human spirit movie.

-Awesome documentary footage of the actual “true story” soldiers at the end that verifies virtually everything you just watched unfold in the movie
-The action is gripping and pacing is wonderful
-All of the leads are amazing. From Garfield to Weaving to Palmer to Bracey to Vince fucking Vaughn himself, all performances are top-notch.
-The jumpscares and tense moments actually keep you on the edge of your seat
-It’s corny and oldschool for the first half in the cutest way possible
-It’s brutal for the second half in the best way possible

-One particular shot of a body being lowered down a mountainside while two guys in the foreground discuss stuff is meant to be dramatic but was actually super funny and compromised the tension

Funny stuff:
-The only element that reeks of thematically-enhanced drama was when Andrew Garfield pimp-slaps a live grenade out of mid-air

Overall, great World War 2 movie with a unique perspective. Go see it. I implore you.

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