The Main Event

Before we get into why you’re reading what you’re currently reading (and thanks for stopping by, by the way!), I’d just like to let you know that the format for this home page is called “Brompton.” That’s the theme, according to WordPress. “Brompton.” I have no clue what Brompton means. It sounds like a fat noise that’d come out of a trombone. I kind of dig it.

Anyway, you’re here because you’re either a longtime follower of my little blog experiment (thanks to all 162 of you OGs), or you’re new, saw me rambling about science fiction elsewhere, and wanted to see the brains–or lack thereof–behind the whole operation.

Whatever the case, you’re here now and I’m happy to welcome you to my little online island, where I pay for a domain name so that I can say nonsense on my own .com terms. This page will feature whatever news I feel is most important when I have important news to share. So stay tuned. And check out the blog page next door to see almost a decade’s worth of evolution (including humor, reviews, hot takes, and even a little cringe dating all the way back to when I was the young teen who kicked this whole site off).