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Review of Civilization 5 Korea DLC

Not North. Not South. Just Korea.

Sound: Why do I even bother. It’s Civilization music! Sound: 8/10

Presentation: Not much to be said. The game looks good as usual, nothing special with Korea. Presentation: 7.5/10

Gameplay: The Korea DLC includes a scenario, which is a particularly fun one in which you team up with either China or Japan to conquer the opposing team of Civs. It’s fun, and incorporates a lot of team building strategies into it. Korea as an actual character is okay at best. He’s science based, but the problem is that every other science oriented Civilization has better bonuses/abilities than him! Babylon, China, etc. all outrank him in terms of good scientific bonuses, which sort of defeats the purpose of playing as Korea in the first place. Gameplay: 6.5/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: The scenario is short and sweet, ending at about just over an hour and a half. You most likely won’t get a lot of replayability out of the actual character in-game due to his somewhat weak qualities, which means the scenario is primarily where your money would be put. Length: 4/10

Overall: This DLC gets a 5.5/10. Not a great add-on, but the downloadable content is fairly cheap, so it could be worth getting it just for the bragging rights.

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Review of Civilization 5 Denmark DLC

It’s been a while since we’ve played Civ 5. Does this DLC rekindle all of the addictive fun, or will Civilization continue to get dusty on my shelf? Read on to find out!

Sound: It’s the usual well orchestrated Civilization music. ‘Nuff said. Sound: 8/10

Presentation: The usual graphics, nothing special. One small little nitpick that I have though is that this is the first DLC where the character is just a picture, and not a moving animation. Presentation: 8/10

Gameplay: The scenario this  DLC comes with is really fun, and definitely one of my most enjoyed scenarios yet. You’re at war for the entire game, and you have to conquer everyone around you. It’s fun, it’s warmongering, and it’s intense. Denmark as a Civilization is, in my opinion, a little on the weak side. He’s fun to play as and has cool abilities, he’s just not a top  tier character so he probably won’t be your first choice to play as. Gameplay: 7.5/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: The scenario is on the shorter side lasting only about an hour and a half, and Denmark as a playable Civ isn’t the best character out there so this DLC probably won’t last you more than five hours. Length: 6/10

Overall: Denmark gets a 7.4/10, being a nice addition to the ever expanding roster of characters and that’s worth it just for the awesome scenario.

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Review of Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca DLC for Civilization 5

This’ll be a review of the Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca DLC for Civilization 5.

Sound: Fitting and well composed music for both civilizations. Sound: 8.5/10

Presentation: The same as any other part of Civilization 5, with nothing unique or distinctive on the scenario maps. Presentation: 8/10

Gameplay: The two new characters themselves have fantastic abilities and bonuses that really spice up the gameplay during normal civilization matches, and the new scenario is extremely fun as well. The scenario has you explore, dominate and conquer the South American continent while looking for treasure as the Europeans (France, England and Spain) or defending your native lands as the Indians (Incan Empire, Iroquois and Aztecs). Either side is fun to play as, and you’ll have fun with it until the one hundred turn timer runs out. Gameplay: 10/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: The scenario last about two hours on its own, and with two new characters to play as in the normal civilization, the length of time you should have enjoying this new Double Civilization and Scenario Pack should last for quite a while. Length: 10/10

Overall: This DLC gets a 9.1/10! It’s a fantastic addition to Civilization 5, and in my opinion a lot more fun than the Polynesia DLC.

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Civilization 5 Tips Part 2

This’ll be the second tip guide for Sid Meier’s Civilization 5. To check out the first, click here.

Steam Achievement Tip: Beat the game on the earth map. The “Battlefield Earth” achievement will then be unlocked.

Civilization 5 Domination Victory Walkthrough:
A.) Pick a civilization with strong war attributes, preferably Oda Nobunaga of Japan.
B.) Pick Pangea as the map type so you can start dominating in the first few turns of the game.
C.) Seek out as many other civilizations on the map with scouts as fast as you can. A war is always easier when they don’t know your location but you know theirs.
D.) Focus on building military units, and keep building cities to increase production.
E.) Try to conquer as many other civilizations as you can early on in the game, before they get a chance to expand.
F.) Focus on the lower half of the tech tree. It’s primarily for civilizations going after a domination victory. Also, build as many defense-enhancing World Wonders as you can (the Great Wall, the Kremlin).
If you do all of this and keep on vigorously pressing the attack on opposing civilizations, you should have a pretty good shot at winning a domination victory.