Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2015

Let’s take out the trash before we celebrate the gems, of which there were very few this year. It’s been a bad one for gaming, unless you’re a sucker for good action RPGs (not that that’s a bad thing, they’re just not my type of experience).

10.) Arkham Knight (Disappointment: All platforms)batmanthumb

Totally ignoring the fact that the PC port was GARBAGE, I mean, just downright unacceptable (Warner Bros. offered no-questions refunds for half a fucking year it was so bad!), the game itself is just “meh”. The story is predictable and the only highlight is the very final five second cutscene. Not to mention the absurd writing. If the Arkham Knight had put a single man in any of his drones Batman would commit suicide and this whole game would be over before it began. And the god-damned batmobile, oof. You guys remember the Transformers: Dark of the Moon tie-in game? Half of Arkham Knight is that thanks to the batmobile. It works in Transformers because of the property, but here? No.

9.) Rainbow Six: Siege (Disappointment: PC)R6S_Screenshot_2_196930

It’s actually a pretty great game; good fun and all that jazz. And I only paid $20 for it, so the fact it made it on here is still pretty impressive given my forgiving price bias. Here’s the skinny: click here to read more

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Review of “Rainbow Six Siege” for PC

In a world dominated by piss-poor Battlefront reboots and multiplayer exclusive Titanfall template knock-offs, there exists Rainbow Six Siege, a game that admittedly falls victim to both of the aforementioned titles’ most damning symptoms: not a lot of content, and no single player experience worth a damn. And yet, even with those drawbacks in mind, I’d still highly recommend you go out and get it… on a few conditions. Read on and let’s see if Rainbow Six Siege is right for you.R6S_Screenshot_2_196930

Siege‘s biggest selling factor is its gameplay, plain and simple. It’s the twitchy, thinking man’s Call of Duty, requiring even sharper reflexes than the aforementioned title while also demanding a level of planning beforehand. No matter how fast your trigger finger might be, an opponent who’s booby-trapped the ceiling, doorways and floors and is hunkered down behind layers of wall reinforcements will always be faster. As such, you can’t just be smart, and you can’t just be fast to win. You have to be both. Click here to read more

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Rainbow Six: Siege Impressions (PC)

It’s okay. R6S_Screenshot_2_196930

Here’s the deal: some of the elements are REALLY cool, like the window breaking, garage door breaching, and everything of that variety. But it’s the same animation set every time you do it, and when you’re doing it at least three times a match every match in a multiplayer only game, it gets old.

Rappelling up and down the sides of buildings is another awesome thing. So much better than Battlefield Hardline‘s piss-poor attempt at providing a good cops versus robbers vibe. This entire game essentially feels like what Hardline wanted to be, if it wasn’t stuck to the Battlefield name.

But here’s the sad truth of the matter: there’s just not enough present. Even for a beta, what I played offered so many different classes that I should’ve felt overwhelmed with variety, especially since they let us go through three different maps. If Ubisoft surprises us all and includes a gazillion different destructible maps and even more classes, maybe then it’d be worth $60. But as it stands? You do the exact same thing on all the maps, which is blow up the outside of the house, run in like an asshole and get shot, or do the reverse of that if you’re on the other side.

Also, speaking of the destruction, it’s nowhere near the scale shown in the E3 demos. In those videos we were seeing fucking granules of wood getting picked apart by bullet fire. Here, if you hit a wall, a large, predetermined chunk of it will just disappear. It’s far less intense and detail-fueled than the staged demos, which bums me out. Also, the graphics are nowhere near as good, but at this point that’s simply the Ubisoft guarantee.

In conclusion: it’s a good time if you want a bad-ass home invasion game, but I can’t imagine it ever being worth over $40. And, funnily enough, Amazon seems to agree as just recently it put a pre-order deal for the game at $36, months before release. So yeah, pinch your pennies on this one.