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RE Review: Sonic Unleashed for Xbox 360/Wii

The duel review is back, and so is the RE in the title. Two times two equals four, but in Gamerrob review logic it equals one review. So, without further ado, let’s see the re review!

Story: Dr. Eggman’s habit of draining chaos emeralds and blowing up the earth seems to have an effect on hedgehogs, turning them into werewolves. Seems legit. Regardless, Sonic now has to battle-brawl his way through robot/Gaia enemies that his supposedly “weaker” daytime self could destroy just by hopping on. Also very legit.

Sound: One of the best soundtracks in Sonic history, rivaling those of both Colors and SatBK. Good stuff. The regional themes are nice, with Chun-Nan’s BGM making me crave some veggie Lo-Mein. Yeah, it’s THAT convincing of a soundtrack. As far as voice work goes, everyone is fine with the exception of Chip. Chip’s voice induces ear-cancer. 
Xbox 360/Wii Sound: 9/10

Presentation: I’m not one for the “pretty graphiczzzzz” race, but Sonic Unleashed was pretty darn kick-ass for its time, at least on the 360. With almost no framerate drops, the experience was crisp, digitally invigorating and overall stunning. The Wii’s, on the other hand, was extremely modest for what the hardware was capable of, and just didn’t do justice at all for true blue. Since story is part of presentation, I have to ask: SEGA, you could’ve left the Werehog out. It was NOT an important aspect of the story, and could easily have been avoided.
Xbox 360 Presentation: 9.5/10
Wii Presentation: 5.5/10

Gameplay: Let’s get to the Werehogging, shall we? Well, starting with the 360, the Werehog is atrocious. With an a control scheme utterly devoid of creativity and common sense, platforming is a slippery mess and battles are just a matter of survival, not fun and creative button combo mashing. All brawls are a matter of punching buttons randomly faster than the other guy, and the other guy always has the upper hand. Even worse, just getting to theses fights is a hassle due to stupid puzzles and horrible sections of Werehog parkour, which are chock-full of unresponsive controls and accidental suicides just from slightly tapping the thumbstick. These levels last an upwards of an hour, and that’s hysterical. At least, it will be when you make it to the fourty-five minute mark and you get a game over.
The Wii’s Werehog, on the other hand, is actually… dare I say it… enjoyable? Well, for the most part at least. Waggling your arms around like an idiot is pretty fun and enemies are just neon-colored punching bags, which is a blast. The platforming sections are designed much better as well, as are levels on the whole.
As for Sonic levels, the Wii’s feel like really dumbed-down and wimpy versions of the 360’s. Less epic set-pieces, less intensity and just less visual flair to complement the action. Meanwhile, on the Xbox, gameplay is faster, more stylish and has a lot more “wow” factor. Shooting around the clock of Big Ben, running across the great wall of China that has life-size dragon stair-cases, and all sorts of other insanity make the utterly gorgeous and revolutionary HD Sonic experience that much better.
Xbox 360 Gameplay: 8.5/10
Wii Gameplay: 7/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: The 360’s has expansive and explorable hub-worlds, looooong Werehog stages and some decently lengthy Sonic stages. And an exponentially harder/longer final boss. The Wii, on the other hand, has super-simplified hub-worlds, equally long Sonic stages and relatively short but large in quantity Werehog stages. Although that sounds fairly even, the Wii experience ends in about eight hours, strangely, compared to the Xbox’s twelve to fourteen.
Xbox 360 Length: 8.5/10
Wii: 7/10

Overall: 360 gets the whopping 8.9, and the Wii trails with a decent 7.1 out of 10. With that said, the Wii does offer a better Werehog experience, but I’m assuming you buy a Sonic game not for a silly spin-off character, but for Sonic. If that’s the case, get the 360 version which showcased the definitive Sonic experience that every game after in the series would closely copy. To see my original review, click here.

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Sonic Unleashed Adabat and Empire City Adventure Pack DLC Review

Do two different continents in one DLC double the fun, or do they just double the failure? Read on to find out!

Sound: Both Empire City and Adabat sport great soundtracks. One is jazzy, making you feel like you’re really in New York City and the other delivers a cool “jungle” atmosphere. Sound: 10/10

Presentation: With two different continents, the visuals are twice as varied and stunning. My only gripes are that nighttime levels are way too dark (on screen) to see anything in, and during speedy daytime levels there is occasionally a bit of lag. Presentation: 9.5/10

Gameplay: Half of this adventure pack is extremely fun, and the other half is extremely disappointing. The Adabat continent has fun, fast-paced daytime levels and creative, well-designed nighttime levels. Unfortunately, Empire City on the other hand has dreadful daytime levels that abuse spike traps and quick-time events (QTE’s), and nighttime levels that have slippery controls and need a lot of camera-angle work. Gameplay: 5.5/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: Out of the nine levels included, only half of them are enjoyable. With that said, there will no doubt be some replay value in this Adventure Pack, just not much. Length: 6/10

Overall: This DLC gets a 7.8/10! A worthwhile Adventure Pack if you’re willing to accept the fact that only half of the levels included will be a blast to play, and that the other half you probably won’t look twice at.

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Sonic Unleashed Mazuri Adventure Pack DLC Review

This’ll be my review of the Sonic Unleashed Mazuri Adventure Pack.

Sound: Mazuri boasts really impressive music, with the drums and whistles really making you feel as though you’re in the heart of the African Savannah. Sound: 9/10

Presentation: Sonic Unleashed provides amazing graphics and visuals that are sure to dazzle your eyes. Presentation: 9.5/10

Gameplay: This is where things go downhill, and fast. Out of the six new stages/missions included in this Adventure Pack, only one or two of them are actually fun. The others either consist of boring objectives, terrible level design or an overabundance of obstacles. Gameplay: 2.5/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: Playing through all of the levels will bring you to about a half hour, but considering how bad the majority of these stages are you probably won’t play any of them more than once. Length: 3/10

Overall: This DLC gets a 6/10, being a below average addition to the Sonic Unleashed Adventure Packs.

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Sonic Unleashed for Xbox 360 Tips Part 3

Here’s a great tip on how to get by the QTE’s (quick-time events) of Sonic Unleashed.

Having trouble bashing the button prompts before the timer runs out? Well, here’s a tip: Pause the game the moment you run off a ramp that leads into a QTE. This’ll give you a chance to study the button inputs without having to worry about the timer. This is especially helpful in Eggmanland (the final level of the game).

Here are links to the other two Sonic Unleashed tip guides:
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Sonic Unleashed for Xbox 360 Tips Part 2

These will be a few more tips for Sonic Unleashed on the Xbox 360. For all the original tips/tricks, here’s part 1 of the tip guide:

Click here for Part 1!

Moon Medal Tip: In Windmill Isle Act 2, just after you cross your first checkpoint, homing-attack the enemies, then boost to the right. You should land on a platform with a moon medal in the center of it.

Xbox 360 Achievement Tip: Uprgade the Werehog’s combat experience stats to level 5. You can easily get enough experience to do this by purchasing a lot of Chili Dogs and feeding them all to Sonic. Achievement unlocked: “Basher”