Review of “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”

You want to know what a real impossible mission looks like? Topping Ghost Protocol. Still, don’t let that fact fool you: Rogue Nation is a damn good time, and arguably the best possible follow-up to MI4 that could’ve been reasonably expected. While it can’t quite top its predecessor, it damn near ties.missionimpossible5-759

Issues are few and far in between, with the only glaring one (to me) being a reliance on a handful of obnoxiously noticeable plot conveniences for Ethan Hunt to move his adventure forward with. Some of these are actually explainable and justifiable, but some of them are expected to slide under the audience’s radar (which they evidently didn’t, as I’m currently complaining about them right now). The other major issue that’s not so much an issue as it is a subjective complaint is that none of the set-pieces in this movie had grandeur or build-up. All the scenes in the trailer are doled out within the first half of the movie, and while they’re all technically impressive, none quite match the verticality of the Dubai tower from MI4. Personally, a fight along a train would’ve been nice here in my opinion, so that this movie would have a set piece horizontally impressive to perpendicularly rival the previous movie’s standout scene. I’m not joking about that whole long vs. tall dynamic thing, by the way.

Otherwise, the movie is wonderful, if a little… familiar. I guess with spy movies it’s just hard to impress these days, as audiences have already seen most things (car vs motorcycles, motorcycles vs motorcycles, hand-to-hand combat, gun vs fist, fist vs fist, etc.) and Rogue Nation lacks anything utterly new like the Dubai climb from MI4. The plane scene from the trailers is as close as we get to something of that nature, and it’s plopped right into the beginning of the movie so there’s literally no build-up to such an early payoff. And, having watched this movie directly after Ant-Man (that review is coming soon) which had a very cool gimmick to its action scenes, Rogue Nation just felt a bit… subdued? I don’t know, I was just underwhelmed and tired by the time it finished. Still, I recognize it is a meritable flick and deserves the love it’s been getting. Go see it if you want something great to hold you off until Spectre.


Review of “Edge of Tomorrow”

As of late, Tom Cruise in an action movie has been kind of an ironic gimmicky thing. Edge of Tomorrow is good, however, and Tom Cruise is good in it. That’s really all the justification you need to go out and see this movie.download

“Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt team up to fight big bad alien monsters” is basically the plot of the movie, albeit with the video-game-esque respawn feature that Tom Cruise gets. So as to avoid spoiling the movie, the respawn gimmick is only one of many sci-fi cliches in Edge of Tomorrow (Phantom Menace, anyone?). But as gimmicky and trope-filled as it is, it’s fun and well done and put a smile on my face. If you’ve seen Tom Cruise’s other one-off sci-fi movie, Oblivion, you can expect something very similar in terms of how its done, with the exception that the pace is much better in this movie. Hell, they even use the one-F-bomb-allowed thing that Oblivion did.

It’s ironic that the main element of the movie is the ability to relive the same day over and over again, because I found myself narrating the movie as it was happening due to how predictable the script was. But again, it’s a fun summertime action flick with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, so who’s really going to hard-rail the writers aside from myself?

In the end, Edge of Tomorrow is getting no publicity whatsoever and deserves as many earnest movie goers as it can reel in. So go out and support this movie as it might just be the last shred of original, non-sequel, non-cash-cow fun Hollywood is willing to let slip out.