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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Tip Guide

There are many little nuances of Sonic 4 Ep. 2 that need exposure, so without further ado here’s the tip guide!

Special Stage tip: Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t know that if you held down Y you could boost. It doesn’t activate right away which is why some people (like myself) might not know it exists, but it is required to pass Special Stage 7 in the giant loop section.

Red Ring Tip: In Oil Desert Act 2, there is a red ring right below where you start. To get this ring surrounded by slick oil, go down the pipes and fly to a solid platform with a spring on it by using Tails’ flight. Then, aim left and activate the Tails rolling combo, which will effectively run you up the oil pipes and into the red ring.

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Skyrim Tip Guide (Xbox 360)

I don’t really do tip guides for games I haven’t officially reviewed yet, but for Skyrim I’ll make an exception.

Glitch Tip/Fix: Throughout my Skyrim adventures, I cleared out many a cavern. The issue was, later in the game I came across quests that required me to go to those same caverns and kill the enemies that weren’t there anymore. The only solution I know of is to do this: Get out of that location (fast travel to a city or whatever) and then wait thirty days. Return and some of the enemies should have respawned so you can continue the quest. I found this especially helpful in Gragslane Cavern.

Time Waiting Speed-up Tip: As mentioned above, the time it takes for you to wait in-game time takes a lot of real world time. So to speed the process up, select how much time you want to wait, then press accept. Immediately after pressing accept, click the center “XBOX” button on your controller. This will speed up the waiting animations exponentially.

This will no doubt be the first of many Skyrim tip guides, and I hoped these first few tips help.

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Sonic CD Tip Guide

This is gonna be a tip guide (as if you didn’t know already) for Sonic CD on Xbox Live Arcade!

Achievement Tip: To get the “Statue Saviour” and “Ring King” achievements, follow these steps. In Wacky Workbench, make your way across the first set of platforms. Then, when you come to the freeze jet, continue forward just a little bit until you come to a slope. Slowly go down that slope, then hop up it. If you do it just right, you’ll fall into a secret room that has the statue. That’s the “Statue Saviour” achievement. Once the statue is done spewing rings, hop out and then hop right back in. The statue will continuously spew rings however many times you do this. Once you reach the 200 ring mark, bam! The “Ring King” achievement is yours as well.

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Sonic Generations Xbox 360 Tip Guide

Need some help snagging the collectibles of Sonic Generations? Well have no fear, Gamerrob is here. So read on!

In-Game unlockable Soundtrack Tip: To unlock the song “Reach for the Stars”, you must collect all five red rings in Planet Wisp Act 2.

Avatar Award Tip: SPOILER! To unlock the three avatar awards (Eggman’s bottoms, Eggman’s Top and an Eggman Avatar head) you must defeat all rivals and bosses (including the final boss) on hard mode.

Xbox 360 Achievement Tip: There’s a secret achievement called “Color Power”, which you get for finding an exceptionally well-hidden red ring in Planet Wisp Act 2. The red ring is located on a mine cart section, where a bunch of golden rings will alert you there is a rocket wisp section above. Before you get here, snag the Wisp capsule that seems useless but is on your path anyway, then just sit on the mine cart until you come across the rocket wisp section. Aim dead center, and you should crash right into the red ring. Clear the level after you’ve done this, and the achievement is yours!

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Batman: Arkham City Tip Guide

Need a little help with Batman: AC? Well look no further!

This tip guide will help out with the final Catwoman mission/achievement.

Final Catwoman Mission/Achievement Tip: The final achievement is called “Family Jewels”, but you don’t receive it after beating Two-Face. After the fight with Two-Face, switch back to playing as Catwoman (because after the fight you automatically revert to Batman) and your goal will be to venture around the city beating up thugs who have your stolen goods (a somewhat secret objective of which the game doesn’t tell you post-fight). The easiest way to do this is using Catwoman’s detective mode. There will be a total of sixteen thugs with pieces of your stuff, but loads more will be there to give them backup. So carefully traverse rooftops, pummeling snipers and gunners then go down to the ground and use silent takedowns, so as not to alert more thugs than necessary. Following those steps, you should be good to go! The “Family Jewels” achievement and fourty gamerpoints are yours!