Review of Dance Central for Xbox 360 Kinect

Dance Central utilizes the Kinect to make what was no doubt the best dance game of late 2010, and with a mix of classic songs such as “Brick House” all the way to more current ones like Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, this game is a blast!

No real story for this game, it’s pretty much just a group of dancers wanting to spread the dance fever around town.

Sound: It’s a dance game, which automatically means great music. And if the music already included (30+ songs) wasn’t enough, you can even by more for just a couple of bucks. Between the variety of music genres and artists, this game’s music delivers. 10/10

Presentation: The menu system is mediocre, and sometimes it wouldn’t even read my hand-swiping motion to select an option. But aside from the few minor menu flaws, the game itself does a pretty good job tracking you, with the exception of a few rare occasions where it won’t read your arm or something similar. 8/10 Gameplay: This game gets you moving and having fun, while also teaching you real dance moves along the way. Some songs might recycle a move a little too often, but overall there’s loads of variety in the moves and it never gets boring. 9.5/10

Multiplayer: To be honest, the multiplayer is just not good at all. Dance battles should not be the only multiplayer mode in this game. Especially since it only has one person dancing at a time. Multiplayer: 3/10

Length: It depends how much you enjoy the songs, how much you enjoy trying to top your last high score, and how much you enjoy learning the moves. But for me, the fun lasted quite a while at about 8 or so hours. 8.5/10

The final average: 7.8! Now, depending on the person the fun of this game may vary, but overall if you’re into dancing along with your favorite songs, this game is a great addition to any Kinect game collection.

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