RE Review: Sonic Colors for Wii

RE Reviewing season is back, folks. As I look upon my earlier works, I realize my original takes on Sonic’s adventures sounded like something out of a *insert negative place here*. So, I’ve got two re-reviews in mind, starting with Sonic Colors, my first review ever. Thanks to Colors, I would later become the reviewing wonder we all know and value today, so what better a game to re review?

Story: Eggman abducts aliens. Sonic stops alien abductions. Giant epic final boss on a space bridge.

Sound: From the title song to the orchestrated final boss theme, the music is fantastic. I still listen to it today, and enjoy every awesome track this game has to offer. It’s got the perfect blend of pop/techno mixed with real instruments. Sound: 9/10

Presentation: The first few seconds of the first level are on par with any Xbox or PS3 game, but after that the whole SD factor of the Wii starts to take its tole. Graphics are good, but could’ve been sooo much more if only they’d reached an HD console. On the bright side, environments are super-varied and explosively creative, which is enough to distract from the 480p resolution. Presentation: 9/10

Gameplay: A little too 2D for my tastes. The platforming itself feels a little dull, and there’s so much of it that the minimal time spent in 3D feels revolutionary, even though it really isn’t. With that said, it’s still a fun gameplay experience that gets mixed up by the Wisp power-ups, but just isn’t the definitive Sonic experience that Unleashed was. The Wisps feel pretty gimmicky at times, with the cube and hover feeling completely unnecessary. I mean, a third of the time the Wisps have abilities Sonic already had in previous games? Lightspeed ring dash and spindash used to be Sonic’s basic move-set, but now they’re confined to green and pink aliens. Ooookay.
On a better note, the boss battles are fantastic. I like that the fourth through sixth battles copy the formulas of the first battles, because the original three were amazing. This is probably the only game where I replayed the battles out of sheer fun, either for the great 2D level design or the best 3D gameplay in the entire game. Gameplay: 7.5/10

Multiplayer: Do you AND a friend have a need for speed? Well, Colors has you covered. Now, both of you need to be good at the game or it’ll pull a New Super Mario Bros. Wii and kill off the slower one of you, but as long as you’re both fast and relatively good at platformers the two-player levels will be a fun diversion from the main experience. Multiplayer: 7/10

Length: The story lasted like four hours. Not cool. On the bright side, there’s hours and hours worth of collectibles outside of the initial runthrough, and Super Sonic as an unlockable was genius, so all going through all of the extra effort to collect every hidden item is well worth it. Length: 7.5/10

Overall: Sonic Colors gets an 8 out of 10. It really was a good Sonic game, just not the mind-breaking revolutionary one that critics called it. For that, look to Sonic Unleashed, my next RE review. For a blast from the poor grammar-filled past, look here for my original Sonic Colors review!

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