Gamerrob Update 12/12/13

Super quick reviews of a lot of big games I’ve completed and movies I’ve seen but haven’t had time to formally review:


Payday 2: 9/10, best game ever IF and ONLY IF you have friends with which to play it with online (with microphones).

Rayman Legends: 9/10, best platformer of the decade, for sure. It’s a bundle of fun for the whole family and platformer aficionados alike.

GTA V: 7.5/10, kind of overrated but the open world is extremely detailed and the narrative is one of the best in gaming history. It’s actually more accurate as a depiction of modern society than as a satire of it. Not to mention online is fun for dicking around with friends (but not much else, in terms of structured activities).

Dishonored GOTY Edition: 9.8/10 All of the awesome DLC content, a slip cover and a sick double-sided propaganda poster make this a GOTY edition worth getting. The DLC is easily the most quality post-game add-on content released this gen, and doesn’t feel like it was just taken out of the original product (*cough* Mass Effect, Asura’s Wrath, Dead Space 3…)


Hunger Games Catching Fire: Other than a couple of super small hiccups in the visual effects department, Catching Fire is the perfect sequel to a horrible first movie, remedying almost all of the previous installment’s problems, making for a much more entertaining time. Not to mention the carnage is a lot more fun and morbid to watch without the nerve-spasm camera.

Ender’s Game: Amazing cast (Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield + people no one cares about), amazing soundtrack and amazing visuals made for an all-around exceptional movie. They changed some of the book’s stuff; like taking out some of the dumb subplots and twisting the ending to make for a more satisfying, fully realized experience than its novel counterpart.

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